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FIZZY PRODUCTS.  With apologies for any inconvenience, we have discontinued most FS1 parts.

Please contact us for availability; we may be able to order in an item for you!


This is just a small sample of what we carry!
If you don't see what you're looking for here, Give us a Bell!

Hi, I'm Rex and I've been around since the earth cooled! If FS1e's had been available when I was in my teens, I probably would have had several. However, all we had to work on back then, were the 50cc motors attached to cycles! But I still managed to build myself a great foundation in small, 2-stroke engines, until the FIzzy was introduced in the UK.

At that time, I was working in a Yamaha dealership in Sunny Leicester, and soon fell in love with this awesome piece of engineering! So, let my experience help you to overcome any problem you might have with your FS1E.

As well as our usual, cheerful technical advice, why not check out the parts below? You might just find exactly what you need. And keep coming back -- we're adding new parts all the time!
FS1E Carburettor
Carburettor for FS1E with pull-up choke mechanism. Accurately sized to fit your inlet manifold.

For Later Model FS1's Currently Unavailable
Price: £34.97 ea*
FS1 Complete Exhaust System
exhaust system Quality replacement for your FS1. Unrestricted version. Includes baffle and exhaust port nut.

For ALL FS1's
Price: £39.97 ea*
FS1 Pre-Auto Lube Throttle Cable
throttle cable
Comes complete with adjuster and has multi-strand inner wire, exactly the same as original, which is very flexible.

For ALL FS1's
Price: £7.09 *
FS1M Kickstart Lever
kickstart lever
Comes complete with fixing bolt and kickstart rubber.

For the FS1M
Price: £10.95*
FS1 Kickstart Shaft Oil Seal
kickshift oil seal
You may find that you have a leak from the kickstart. After removing the clutch casing, you can easily replace this seal.

For ALL FS1's
Price: £2.47*
*Does not include P&P or VAT (VAT for UK & EU customers only)
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