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Unfortunately, due to Debb's health issues, we can no longer provide these ignitions; however, we will continue to look for a supplier to assist you.  

Once we have sourced one, we will post the information here.

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Everyone knows how a modern electronic ignition can enable any engine to give
more of its full potential.

RCR can now make this happen for your Bantam D10/D14/B175!

With our 2016 version of the BSA Bantam D/10/D14/B175 electronic ignition system, you get just that! This system is the result of over 14 years' development with Bantam electronic ignition systems and far surpasses the original WIPAC version on every count.

Key Features:

  1. It is fully engineered to fit easily without the necessity for specialist engineering facilities.
  2. It is a totally self-generating ignition giving accurate, electronically-controlled timing.
  3. It totally eliminates contact points, rectifiers, condenser, batteries and all problems associated with them.
  4. An electronic advance/retard curve gives quick, easy starting, a reliable tickover and a very smooth running engine.
  5. We use all new components including internal rotor, stator, wiring harness, CDI box and HT coil with HT lead and plug cap.
  6. Full fitting instructions, timing data and information for set-up are provided in the comprehensive instructions.


  1. A strong spark is generated at 320rpm (normal kick starting rpm is 400-500), giving easy and instant starting HOT OR COLD!
    Spark consistency is assured as wearing parts such as contact points are eliminated.
  2. The accurate ignition timing gives a very smooth-running engine coupled with reliable tickover and improvement in power output.
The Rex Caunt Bantam D14 Competition Ignition System includes:
bsa d14 rotor New rotor fitted with powerful magnets, machined with 5/8" hole and keyway to suit the Bantam crankshaft.
bsa d14 stator New stator on alloy backplate machined to adapt to your crankcase.
bsa d14 cdi
Lightweight CDI box with easy-to-fit moulded connectors.
bsa d14 ht coil
Small, compact, powerful HT coil.
:: Timing Curve
:: Complete, easy-to-follow instructions included.
:: 3-year Limited Warranty
Price: *
*Contact us for details
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