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BSA Singles Trials/Scrambles/MX Ignition System

Suitable for C15, B40, B44, B50

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If you're looking for a Simple, Straightforward Ignition System for your BSA Single, that doesn't need batteries, is lightweight and is a complete replacement for whatever you use at the moment, then this is THE System for You!

Our system is self-generating, with many advanced features.

Key Features

  1. No batteries are required, thus eliminating battery chargers and all the associated problems.
  2. Particular attention has been given to our purpose-built CDI box design.
  3. With a spark generated from as low a crankshaft speed of 300rpm, easy starting is assured.
  4. The electronic advance curve gives the engine added flexibility over other systems on the market. With electronically retarded timing for starting, there is no fear of the engine kicking back.
  5. The ignition timing is very easy to set. Both the rotor and stator have timing marks and when in line at TDC, the correct advance firing point is automatically set. This eliminates guess work and the need of a strobe light. With a total weight of around one Kilogram, this has to be one of the lightest systems available for trials use!
As pioneers of the PVL System for the BSA Single, we have nearly 15 years of experience, which enables us to offer some unique benefits.


  1. Our original intention was to use the wasted spark principle (it fires once every revolution) rather than every other revolution with a camshaft-timed device.
  2. Our system will give you more accurate timing control. The other option means timing control is off the camshaft, and there is always the risk of some variation with this method, due to wear on the crank and timing gears.
  3. Another significant benefit is the simple wiring -- both the components and the wiring between them are mimimal. And with our comprehensive instructions, anyone with some basic knowledge of motorcycles will find it easy to install.

  4. If at any point you should require some guidance,
    we're always here to help!

The Rex Caunt Racing BSA Singles Trials Ignition System includes:
bsa trials rotor New rotor and stator with backplate to replace the original Lucas components
bsa trials cdi CDI Box
bsa trials ht coil
HT Coil
:: Complete, easy-to-follow instructions included.
:: 3-year Limited Warranty
Price: 228.99*
*Does not include VAT (VAT for UK & EU customers only)

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