This is what our customers have to say about our electronic ignitions and the service we provide

31 August 2008 - BSA B50

Hi Rex,   just a short note, we had our first decent go this weekend.....6 races, 6 wins, all by a long margin, no-one even close...40 seconds ahead of next rider at finish.....lapping in 2min 33decs so nearly 1/3rd lap ahead, almost embrassing........starts with one turn of wheel over compression.....absolutely marvelous......have got three more interested in systems, but will wait to see a deposit before I place the far off are the next 3 - 4 systems Rex, I got asked about them on the weekend, I told then they were being worked on and I would let them know something fairly soon...cheers for now then,

Regards Maurie, New Zealand..

12 August 2008 - BSA B40

Dear Rex,

I hope you are fine and as promised, I will give you a short feedback about my impressions of the new ignition.

First of all, thank you very much that everything worked so well and without any problems to get the ignition set in this short amount of time.

The quality looks great and due to your guidelinesheet it was very easy to fit the ignition in the bike which started on the first kick. On the weekend I took part on the Austrian round of the Trial Euro-Cup, and all I can say about your ignition set: it works absolutely perfect!!!! There was never any problem: the bikes starts very easy now and there is no difference wether the bike ist hot or cold, it runs allways in the same fantastic way - its unbelievable!!!

Thanks again for all you help and with best wishes from Austria,



Hi Debra and Rex,

Thank you for your help and kindness, very pleased with my ignition and lighting system it is wonderful, first kick starting and bright lights what more could you ask for on a 1954 bantam d1. Just right for whizzing round the garden of England,bless you both,

regards Geoff
Marriott, Kent


Hi Rex,

Just to let you know that I have just completed 117 miles in one day in the Plymouth Mega Ride with over 8,000 other motorcycles. The little D1 Bantam fitted with one of your ignition systems and lighting systems ran beautifully all day. It did not miss a beat or oil a plug, and started first kick every time. I used just 4 litres of fuel and cruised happily at 35 - 40 mph most of the time. Down the motorway I covered 17 miles at 45 miles per hour with the motor running as sweet as a nut. It was a very enjoyable day and I had total confidence in your system.

The motorway flyovers were lined with people cheering the bikers on and it was a wonderful feeling pop,pop,popping along, trailing that plume of blue smoke on my 58 year old Bantam knowing full well it was not as fast but still had the reliability of a new machine.
I cannot speak to highly of your systems.


23 JUNE 2007 -- BSA BANTAM D1

Hello Rex and Debra,

As you are aware I was so delighted with the Bantam Electronic ignition system you supplied me with that I ordered a second unit to fit to my 1950 D1 Bantam. And here by hangs a tale.

I fitted the system and wired in a stop light to comply with the law. This bike I have owned since 1955 and it has sat in my garage unused since 1969. I fitted the fuel tank back on after fitting the coil and CDI unit under the tank and in doing so must have knocked the fuel tap on. I was kicking the bike over to test its compression, and ciculate the oil in the gearbox. I had not even changed or regaped the sparking plug. Guess what? to my amazement it fired and started and kept running even on the stale petrol that was left in the tank all those years ago. It was definitely not my intension to even try to start it. I was unprepared.

The fuel/oil mixture was so oily where the petrol had evaporated off that oil was dripping from under the silencer but it kept running filling my garage with smoke. AMAZING !

I am yet to replenish the petrol and road test the bike but the lights and stop light are working fine.

This speaks very highly of the performance of your electronic system.

Many Thanks

14 MAY 2007 -- BSA BANTAM (with Lighting)

Hi Rex and Debra,

I finally had sucuss last night in getting my bantam running.ignition is fantastic. I have excellent spark and the bike started after three kicks. Lights are very strong with everthing working well. I am extremely happy.

Hope you are both keeping well
James Isaacs