Hello Rex and Debra,

I'm really satisfied with Rex's System. It was really easy to mount. It's utmost carefree to use and no worrying over battery loadings, etc. And the advance and retard goes right away!

Esa Alin

24 AUGUST 2006 -- BSA B40 MX

Rex and Debra

Just thought I would drop you a quick line to let you know how the racing (Pre 65 scrambles) is going now I've fitted the ignition.

Well I have to say it has made a vast improvement over what I had fitted before. I used to be about 8th 10th into the first bend at most of our club meets but at the last meet (with a new back tyre fitted) I was getting third into the first bend (just one other BSA and a pesky CZ). Mind you I did drop back a bit from there but the bike certainly pulls a lot cleaner out of the bends with a nice smooth pick up and no hesitation.

It did however generate quite a few comments from some of the other guys as to what I had done to suddenly be so quick off the mark!!!

Richard Bauckham

7 AUGUST 2006 -- BSA BANTAM D7 (with Lighting)

Dear Rex and Debra,

Just a few lines to let you know that I installed the new electronic system to day. The bike started second kick and the lighting is excellent. Revs well and ticks over like a clock. I am well pleased, Thank You. Could not go out on the road with it No MOT, tax or insurance got to get it registered and stripped and painted yet.

Colyn & Thomas 

10 JUNE 2006 -- MV AGUSTA Road Bike

Hi Rex and Debra,

Got a few miles on the MV and so far the ignition seems to be faultless! Starting is getting easier as I learn the technique! One kick after priming hot or cold.

The idle is smooth and consistant even at very low rpm, throttle response and pick up is crisp and quick.

On the road at higher revs, again pick up is crisp and steady throttle is smooth with no signs of any ignition problems at all!

Perfect so far! Thanks again.

Best Regards
Bernard R