30 MARCH 2006 -- BSA BANTAM D3

Hi Rex,

Attached are some pictures of my Bantam as promised, I even cleaned it for the occasion! I've owned it for almost 20 years now and use it quite frequently. At the moment the engine is a totally standard D3, I'll put the Todd head on it when I'm next home, and then will try your carb modification and some mild porting.

It certainly starts much better with your ignition fitted, I've not run down the road pushing it once yet, and that was quite common before. It also pulls better at low revs which means that I can get up most hills on the road in 3rd which I couldn't do previously. Your ignition has replaced a new green coil and Atom ignition which I ran with for several years and I remember that was quite an improvement over the points.

Thanks for sorting everything out with my father so that I could fit it and get it going during my short spell at home, hopefully next time I'm back it will be for longer so I will have more time to experiment with it.

Dan Barratt

27 NOVEMBER 2005 -- BANTAM D14 Trials

Dear Rex and Debra,
Sorry for delay in writing but I can now report that my Bantam is running perfectly and I am absolutely delighted with it.
Considering the engine is completely standard apart from the ignition it is amazing how good it is for trials and the most important thing is it's very consistent.

Yours sincerely,
Stephen Thomas

25 MAY 2004 -- TRIUMPH Twin Motocross

Hi Rex,

The ignition is great. Now the bad part from the weekend, out of my 4 races I only finished 2. The problem was a blocked petrol cap. Plus my gearing was way out (too low and already starting in 2nd), so I was not confident on the line and was last off every time. There was about 20 riders in each race and I managed to get a 7th and 9th, which was not too bad considering.

This was against a lot of 650's, I think I was 1st of 2 500s home. So you could say that the bike is working well and the ignition finished off the tuning process.

Many Thanks for a great ignition,
James Smith

MARCH 2004 -- HONDA K4350 Roadrace


Out at Aintree today - miserable weather to start. Also, with bad carb adjustment I pulled in early. Second session... wow! What a stormer! OK I still have some cobwebs to blow off after three years out of the saddle, but the K4 now pulls cleanly and like a train with your ignition! I had a 500 Manx Norton down the back straight and clean as a whistle in the slow corners too. Fantastic - I'm over the moon. Problem now I that I have to get some track time in and try to get faster.

Thanks for all your help...in the end it's been very easy to install and the results are superb. When I outgrow the K4, I'll be back to you for an ignition for the Black Bomber and then there's the project CR750 following.

Thanks again, best wishes,
Simon Tappin