19 AUGUST 2003 -- BSA Motocross


The ignition works great!!! Very simple to install and I'm quite impressed with the quality. You'll be getting a lot more requests from the U.S. because just about everyone I talked to at the races at the Farm in Chahalis, Washington State (which I took third in my class, thank you) wants one!

Thanks Again!

Best Regards,
Chuck Bradford, # 64L
in America

22 JULY 2003 -- BSA C15

My name is Simon Burt from Basildon Essex.

I bought one of your ignition systems for my C15 motocross, I rode the bike at Marks Tey at a pre65 MX meeting and would just like to say THANK YOU. It has transformed the bike, mind you I'm still a professional back marker, but one that doesn't have to play about with points between virtually every race. I actually get to sit down and rest, or should I say fall down, as you properly know, this is very nice. I couldn't stop boasting about your ignition and I shall continue to pass the word. The bike didn't miss a beat, started first kick every time, even when extremely hot; and that was a first for me. I'm sure the bike palled better, and I'm no mechanical genius so the fool-proof fitment and simplicity of the ignition is great. I just timed it by ear and away it went. I am now a convert and I never want to see points, batteries, condensers, capaciters, bobweights or any of the like ever again.

Once again, thanks,
Simon Burt

PS Thanks for putting a second keyway in the rotor for me. : )

22 MAY 2003 -- BSA B50

Hi Rex...I had a vintage MX race this past weekend and my B50 ran perfectly. Not one hiccup from the ignition. I raced 2 different classes and finished first overall in one and second overall in the other.


1 DECEMBER 2002 -- BSA C15

Well Rex, thought you may like to know that my C15 is running superbly. Starts really easily now too. I feel a lot more confident knowing it will keep on sparking. Ive had quite a few rides on it now with the electronic and have amazed myself in quite a few sections. Told Brian Neale that his suggestion to contact yourself was a brilliant idea. He was quite chuffed. Keep up the good work, I can't praise "CAUNT" enough !!!!!!

Joan Westbrook